Your dog has a renewable resource

Sustainable Practices: By collecting and donating dog hair clippings, Certified Doodle, LLC demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices. Instead of discarding the hair and fur clippings as waste, we repurpose them for a valuable environmental cause.

Environmental Impact: Oil spills have devastating effects on marine ecosystems, wildlife, and coastal communities. By donating your dog’s hair clippings, you're providing a natural and eco-friendly material that can be used to aid in oil spill cleanup efforts.

Effectiveness of Dog Hair: Dog hair is known for its ability to absorb oil. When oil spills occur, hair can be used to create "hair mats" or "hair booms" that soak up the oil from the water's surface. This helps contain and mitigate the spread of the oil, protecting sensitive habitats and wildlife.

Partnerships with Cleanup Organizations: Partnering with environmental cleanup organizations or nonprofits such as Matter of Trust and HumSUM that specialize in oil spill response allows Certified Doodle, LLC to contribute directly to meaningful environmental initiatives. These organizations can use the donated dog hair clippings in their cleanup efforts, maximizing the impact of your donation.